Help The Homeless - Our Plan

Many of our clients feel obliged to provide us with a voluntary gift after we have advised and arranged their mortgage. This is primarily because we do not charge client fees for mortgage advice/arrangement. Rather than accepting this kind gesture, we have decided to divert the offering to a social cause

Boon Brokers are supporting the Homeless Link charity. Homeless Link are a national charity that represent over 700 organisations. Their core vision is to free the United Kingdom from homelessness. We have chosen this charity because of our aligned social visions for the future. Due to the nature of our work, we witness people transition into homelessness through no fault of their own. Often it is due to unemployment or unaffordable housing.

To help tackle homelessness, we ask that our clients, and anyone else wanting to contribute, pay a small donation to our Just Giving page. When the page is active it will be available in the link below. Most of us are in the fortunate position of coming home to a warm bed at night. They may not have the luxury of a bed but, just a £10 donation can help provide shelter for many in the homeless community. All proceeds from our forthcoming affiliation portals will be paid directly to the Homeless Link charity.

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